Local - By Bike

Our fast practical transport solution

The option of choice for unbeatable delivery speed. We deliver within 40 minutes to all areas of the city and within 80 minutes to the neighbouring suburbs of Luzern and Zug.

Your delivery is in safe hands with our athletic, weatherproof reliable bike couriers. You can also track the location of the delivery at any time. Whilst city traffic can hold up other means of transport, our bike couriers can deliver urgent packages in record time whilst helping to sustain our environment.

Lucerne 041 227 50 50

Zug 041 711 01 11


Goods to be transported by item up to a maximum of 30kg and with dimensions of 75 x 55 x 64cm

  • Express: CHF13 (up to 1km) each additional km + CHF4

  • Economy: 10% discount on the express rate

  • Hourly rate applies to distributions (mailings): CHF66 per hour

Extra Charges

  • Outsized items as of 39 x 56 x 23 cm
    or overweight items >10 kg: + CHF8

  • Loading/waiting time: +CHF5 for each additional 5 minutes
    (First 5 minutes are included in the basic rate)

  • Stop-off +CHF5