General Terms and Conditions (GTC) Applying to Velokurier Luzern Zug AG

1. General

Velokurier Luzern Zug AG undertakes requests for transportation on the basis of the prices shown in the respective currently valid price list on its website at Prices for services that are not shown in this price list are negotiated individually with the customer. Orders can be placed by telephone, email or from the respective homepage.

2. Period of Liability

The company Velokurier Luzern Zug AG is liable for any kind of damage that occurs during transportation of the consignment. This liability starts upon collection of the consignment and ends on delivery to the customer. Velokurier Luzern Zug AG and their partners reserve the right to decide which orders they are able to accept.

3. Exclusion of Liability

Losses and damages that are caused by the excepted risks shown below are strictly excluded from liability:

  • Damages caused by incomplete or unsuitable packaging
  • Damages or defects to goods that are transported in sealed boxes or containers that could not be checked upon collection.
  • Force majeure
  • Transportation of the following items: gold, silver, jewellery, gemstones, cash and checks.
  • Electronic or magnetic damages, deletion of data or other damages to magnetic plates and electronic or any type of photographic carrier materials.
  • Deposit orders (deliveries that have been deposited without a signature at the explicit request of the sender or the receiver of the delivery).
  • Indirect damages

4. Limitations of Liability

In the absence of a written declaration of value on waybills, the liability for loss or damage to the transported goods, documents or packages is limited to the actual value of the object and up to a maximum value of CHF1000 per order.

5. Non-Compliance with the Delivery Period

Velokurier Luzern Zug AG is only liable for damages incurred as a result of a delay to the delivery, if a liability for this has been explicitly requested by the customer by specifying a time and date for the delivery, and this has been documented in writing by Velokurier Luzern Zug AG. Velokurier Luzern Zug AG only accepts liability if a damage caused by a delay can be proven and only up to a maximum value of the freight price agreed for the respective delivery.

6. Complaint Periods

Complaints regarding damaged or missing goods must be documented immediately on the respective waybill in the presence of the courier. In the event of damage that is not externally visible, this defect must be documented in writing and sent to Velokurier Luzern Zug AG no later than 8 days following receipt of delivery.

7. Offsetting Damage Reimbursement Against Transportation Costs

Offsetting a request for compensation as a result of damage against the transportation costs of the delivery is excluded.

8. Cancellation of Orders

In the event of an order being cancelled prior to collection, Velokurier Luzern Zug AG reserves the right to charge half of the agreed price and the full price, if this cancellation occurs after delivery. Any additional costs and services are charged according to the costs incurred by Velokurier Luzern Zug AG. The customer is liable for any damages incurred.

9. Transport Insurance

Velokurier Luzern Zug AG can provide transport insurance for specific deliveries on request. Goods for transportation listed under point 3 are excluded from this.

10. International Deliveries

The provisions specified here relating to liability also apply to cross-border shipments unless explicitly otherwise specified by the CMR (conditions of carriage for international road freight) or by the CIM (standard contractual guidelines concerning international carriage by rail.

11. Payment

Payment for the service ordered can be made in cash or can be settled on account by an itemized monthly invoice.

12. Deliveries by Rail (swissconnect)

All deliveries carried by the swissconnect ag network are subject to their general terms and conditions.

13. Place of Jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction for all lawsuits is Lucerne.

Lucerne, 16. Juni 2014
Velokurier Luzern Zug AG, Güterstrasse 3, 6002 Lucerne