Our Philosophy

  • Speed
    We dispatch customer orders immediately choosing the most suitable means of transport for the respective order. Our bike, road and rail combination gives us the flexibility we require to guarantee rapid response times and means we can offer our customers high-quality customized solutions.
  • Security
    We take responsibility for the goods entrusted to us. Deliveries are signed for by both the sender and recipient. Deliveries are personally supervised and can be tracked at any stage and we handle all deliveries with strict confidentiality. Our deliveries are transported in robust waterproof bags ensuring that they reach their destination in perfect condition.
  • Sustainable
    We have a duty to subsequent generations to ensure that we take care of our environment by selecting the most sustainable means of transport for our deliveries. We offer our employees secure employment and competitive salaries. We provide a comprehensive training program for our employees to equip them to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Company History

...our journey to becoming the fastest courier company in Central Switzerland
09.1988 Founding of Velokurier Luzern - first Swiss bike courier in Lucerne
04. 1995 Rebranding of the company as Velokurier Luzern GmbH
03. 1999 Swiss Connect GmbH is founded as a spin-off company to Velokurier Luzern GmbH
09. 2000 Opening of our branch in Zug
2007 Regular deliveries by car throughout the entire central Swiss area
03.2010 Company receives an environmental award from the Albert-Köchlin Foundation
2014 Change of legal form - Velokurier Luzern Zug becomes a limited company
2015 In-house developed courier trailers made of carbon and fibreglass used for the first time
2017 Velokurier Luzern Zug AG in numbers:
44 employees/ 1600 percent by position
8 bike couriers and 2 car couriers work daily from early till late
Around 5000 express orders each month throughout Switzerland
Over 400 different customers from all industry sectors

Bike with a roof for the foundation of "Velokurier Luzern" on September 1st 1988 in Lucerne